TV drama blind about the upcoming Jiang Xin blew in the studio called Lu Yi ” father &qu-minmi

TV drama "blind" about the upcoming   Jiang Xin blew in the studio called Lu Yi " father " culture original title: Jiang Xin blew in the studio called "Papa" Lu Yi Jiang Xin’s older 3S lady summer yesterday, by Jiang Xin, Lu Yi starred in the 3S lady off single theme inspirational comedy "blind date" in Suzhou held a media event. It is reported that the drama has entered the stage of fixing. "Blind date" tells fat adorable 3S lady (Jiang Xin) summer in order to perform a crazy bet, to find true love in 278 days, so a "blind date"…… Jiang Xin media group visit revealed that, because Lu Yi and her father are very much alike, so she called him "Daddy in the studio". "Blind date" adapted from the popular series of the same name "Blind Date", the play has been Spain, Chile, Poland, Russia, Germany, Lithuania and other countries to introduce the issue of adaptation, broadcast in 65 countries and regions, have achieved high ratings and reputation. Chinese version of "blind date" to create a "3S lady off single inspirational comedy. Director Ke Hanchen said: "the current domestic such a modern love comedy is not much, I think the theme of urban drama should be more daring. "Blind date" is a popular way of dating, a crowd of people gathered to an area, through cross dating to quickly reach the acquaintance, and find the right partner here. China version of "blind" is endowed with different creative interpretation — the "blind" and "blind busy busy", "loss" in three states, means something different for the different age people. Reporters yesterday during the filming, Jiang Xin is shooting a dating show, she English inclusion in the pool to date in loud words, full of delight. When asked whether he would try to "blind", Jiang Xin said: "I will not, even a blind date I will not go. My friends know me, don’t give me the chance." Jiang Xin said, "summer" in a corner of her character is like, "especially the older people 3S lady is very suitable for me". She also said that because the role of body overweight, so filming this time she can safely eat, not weight control. However, the "Ode to joy" in the second quarter at the end of this month will be made, in order to make "Fan Shengmei" image more attractive one, Jiang Xin had to re open the "diet" model: "these two days I started dieting is more obvious than before, a little thin." The filming of the blind, is the first time Jiang Xin and Lu Yi cooperation. Jiang Xin said Lu Yi looks like her father, also exposes a childhood thing: "I remember watching" yongbumingmu "when my dad was pointing at the television said:" this guy is really like me! "" Interestingly, this time in the studio after gradually familiar with each other, Jiang Xin will call "Dad", Lu Yi and Lu Yi really buy it. Although the relationship between the private good, but Jiang Xin bluntly Lu Yi’s role is not their own dishes: the role of the role played by the former and did not break up with the ‘predecessor’ fell in love with the ‘incumbent’, I hate this kind of man in particular." (Gong Weifeng) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: