Two drug addicts rail fled across the country — Hubei — steal channel

Two "drug addicts" rail   fled across the country — Hubei — steal channel original title: two "drug addicts" rail fled across the country to steal the newspaper news (reporter Lin Huijie correspondent Gong Yuping Yang Bing) the two boys riding high Tieqian long-distance, from Shandong to Wuhan to steal, did not think of crime in Hanyang when he was captured by the police. Yesterday, two people xingju. September 20th morning, the District of Hanyang parrot street, a district 3 residents were burglary, residents lost phone, a total of more than $5000 worth of cash. Hanyang District Public Security Bureau set up a class to solve the case, the police retrieved the video monitoring within the District, two young men, tall and slim, succeeded after the theft of two people over the wall to escape. When the incident is early in the morning, the dim light, video tracking into trouble. As soon as possible in order to track suspects, the police to expand the scope of the transfer of the surrounding more than and 100 video monitoring probe, after analysis and comparison of two consecutive days, finally found the two suspects trail, master them in the HanKou Railway Station near the small hotel stay. The early morning of September 23rd, more than 30 police in HanKou Railway Station near the 3 Ring Hotel surveillance roundup. Eventually, in one of the unnamed Hotel 3 floor will be arrested two suspects. Two per capita is the people of Sichuan, found that the police retrieved the footprint, and the "8.13" Shandong, Yantai "9.20", "9.22" Hanyang oil district Jiangxia Southern Garden District series of burglaries scene left footprints consistent. Two suspects confessed that they fled the country crime, crime of burglary in Shandong of Yantai in mid August 4, take the high-speed rail to Wuhan, Hanyang, Jiangxia and other 7 cases of crime. Every time the money is used to steal drugs. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: