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No man wants to play the game industry yet into the detention center in late October 7th 21 with money when Xu, who lives in Hangjinhouqi, Shaanxi Ba Zhen a District Elderly Lee reported that 70000 yuan stolen 82000 yuan for your home in the bedroom closet in the east. After receiving the report, Hangjinhouqi Public Security Bureau of Interpol squadron of three police officers rushed to the scene. After the scene investigation and the combination of the informant’s inquiry, found that the scene did not pry the traces of theft, the family has recently been someone, the possibility of external burglary is very small, the possibility of greater theft. After the investigation by one after another, the old man’s daughter’s boyfriend Jia into the detective’s line of sight. The man began to live in the elderly in March of this year, and has no legitimate work. Investigators were asked to focus on the man, but the case has denied and stolen relationship. But in the course of the inquiry, the man’s eyes betrayed his thoughts, experienced investigators on the detection of a certain problem must be sure. Investigators focus on the life and work of the locus of the Jia Wei Pai, on their mobile phone information from the investigation carried out and found that the recent WeChat mobile phone has a large amount of money transferred out of the unknown. According to the overall situation of the investigation, investigators Li Xin, Aman Chang once again asked for a jia. Asked which investigators at every step, targeted to several doubtful problems according to the time order one by one of the Jiamou question, Jiamou investigators in the offensive soon fell apart, the Lee cash theft crime confessed. According to Jia confessed: own a "fishing" game downloads on mobile phone, charging money to buy virtual currency, virtual currency used for games, playing well, but also to make money. But he did not have a stable source of life, the source of the first charge of money is to divert the informant Lee’s wife deposit. But he will soon squandered the money, in order to Fanben he will move crooked brains gold jewelry in the Lee family, his two bedroom closet in the theft of Li Moufang gold jewelry as a mortgage loan to a friend, but is still a loser is not left. Jiamou finally drove him eager to win back their money will turn Li Moufang at home in cash deposits. As of the time of the incident, Jia has been squandered in the game will steal cash. Currently, Jia suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention by the Hangjinhouqi public security bureau.相关的主题文章: