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Self-Improvement Each of us has the ability to discover the Universal Laws of Attraction and to use it to enhance their lives. It is a thought process, a way of living and believing, seeing the world from a different point of you. You have met people who seem to always be in the right place at the right time, who always encounter the best of fortune, who are living life to their fullest, and wonder "why not me?". What do they do to obtain such "luck"? They call it upon themselves using the Universal Laws of Attraction. Simply put: Envision it and it will happen. Remember the old saying: "Build it and they will .e", it follows the same principal. By creating and believing in something mentally, like the perfect job offer, a new home or an exotic vacation, you can make it happen. You must be honest with your inner self. Believe that the event will happen, and follow the signs and paths to make it happen. It is a vibration put off from your inner self to all others in the universe. The vibrations are sensed by others and in return sent back to you. This may seem an odd way to think about it, but ask yourself when you meet someone new you either get a "good" feeling from them and want to know them further or you receive an "odd" feeling from them and you shy away. This is the vibrational signal that each of us put off. If you are fine tuning your signals to let others know what you are searching for to find your happiness, the vibrations .ing back to you will be ones on how to find that happiness It will take time to learn. It is about learning who you are and what you honestly want. You need to concentrate, meditate or write out your plans and desires. Do this everyday. Reaffirm to yourself these goals and "see" what is leading you to them no matter how small. Create a vision board. Make a posterboard with pictures of your desires on it. If you are looking for a new job put pictures related to your desired job on it, of the new clothes you will need, or the type of transportation you need to reach that new job. Look at it often, ponder over what it means to you to have this job, see the opportunities before you. This rule can also keep you from obtaining these goals. By continuing to tell yourself that it "can’t happen" will in effect make it not happen. Negative vibrations will only in turn bring negative events. Expect the worst and that is exactly what will happen. Doubt is your enemy! To sum it up simply, you are what you believe. If you believe that good is going to .e to you it will. You must be truthful to yourself in what you want and then believe that it will happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: