Us nonfarm payrolls increased by 156 thousand in September, less than expected-hamimelon

The United States in September nonfarm payrolls increased 156 thousand lower than expected Tencent stock news Beijing time on October 7th, the United States announced 156 thousand changes in September non farm payrolls, 151 thousand higher than in August, a number of analysts earlier in Reuters survey of analysts on average expected increase of 175 thousand. This is the last employment report before the Fed’s 1-2 November policy meeting. The increase is near the level of average monthly growth so far this year, or more evidence for the fed to raise interest rates, and suggests that the U.S. economy is increasing momentum before the presidential election. Given that the meeting was too close to the November 8th presidential election, investors felt it was almost impossible for the fed to raise interest rates. Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, said last month that the level was unsustainable and could overheat the economy over time. She has said that the U.S. economy needs to create about 100 thousand jobs a month to keep pace with the growth of the American population. Meanwhile, the latest unemployment rate in the United States in September was 5%, expected to be 4.9%, and the previous value was 4.9%. The market is expected in September the unemployment rate steady at 4.9%, Richmond Fed President Lagueur this week in West Virginia, Huntington told reporters about the common growth estimates on the employment, and strong employment report will strengthen the interest for." Yellen said last month that the Fed might raise interest rates this year. But the trend of the federal funds rate futures shows that the Fed’s possibility of raising interest rates at the last meeting in December is only slightly higher than 50%. Some of the Fed’s policymakers spoke in favour of raising interest rates slowly. But at last month’s conference, three policymakers raised interest rates, while the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged. Other data: the average hourly wage in the U.S. was 2.6% in September, 2.6% in anticipation, 2.4% in the previous. The average hourly wage in the United States was 0.2% in September, 0.3% in anticipation, and 0.1% in the former. U.S. labor force participation rate of 62.9% in September, the previous value of 62.8%. Private sector employment in the United States changed by 167 thousand in September, 170 thousand in anticipation, and 126 thousand in the former. U.S. manufacturing industry in September the employment population change -1.3 million, expected -0.4 million, the former value of -1.4 million. The Federal Reserve implemented its first interest rate hike in the last 10 years at the end of 2015, but has kept interest rates unchanged since the Fed’s doubts about inflation remain low. Welcome to custom Tencent news client "stock" channel, important information! Solicitation order! Tencent securities money about you to discuss: love to kill A shares, why win the property market? In Tencent securities number (qqzixuangu)! What are you waiting for? Let’s make an appointment!

美国9月非农就业人口增15.6万 低于预期腾讯证券讯 北京时间10月7日,美国公布9月非农就业人口变动15.6万,高于8月的15.1万个,此前参与路透对多位分析师调查的分析师平均预期的增加17.5万个 。这是美联储11月1-2日政策会议前的最后一份就业报告。这个增幅处在今年迄今的月均增幅水平附近,或为美联储带来升息的更多依据,并暗示在总统大选前美国经济正在增强动能。鉴于该次会议与11月8日的总统大选离得太近,投资者认为届时联储几乎没有可能加息。美联储主席耶伦上月表示这种水准是“不可持续的”,随着时间推移可能造成经济过热。她曾表示,美国经济每月约需创造略低于10万个就业岗位,以与美国人口的增长形势保持一致。同时,最新公布美国9月失业率5%,预期4.9%,前值4.9%。市场预计9月失业率将持稳于4.9%,里士满联储行长拉克尔本周在西维吉尼亚州亨廷顿市对记者谈到了对就业岗位增长的普遍预估,“而强劲的就业报告会强化加息理由。”耶伦上月表示,美联储今年可能加息一次。但联邦基金利率期货的走势显示,联储在12月今年最后一次会议上加息的可能性仅略高于50%。一些联储决策人士发表言论,赞成缓步上调利率。但在上月会议上有三位决策者支持加息,而当时联储决定维持利率不变其他数据:美国9月平均每小时工资同比2.6%,预期2.6%,前值2.4%。美国9月平均每小时工资环比0.2%,预期0.3%,前值0.1%。美国9月劳动力参与率62.9%,前值62.8%。美国9月私营部门就业人口变动16.7万,预期17万,前值12.6万。美国9月制造业就业人口变动-1.3万,预期-0.4万,前值-1.4万。美联储在2015年底实施了近10年来的首次升息,但此后一直维持利率不变,主因联储对通胀持续偏低的疑虑挥之不去。欢迎定制腾讯新闻客户端“股票”频道,重要资讯,一网打尽!征集令!腾讯证券重金约你来讨论:相爱相杀A股何以跑赢楼市?…尽在腾讯证券官号(qqzixuangu)!还在等什么,快来约吧!相关的主题文章: