War games armored storm in September 14th beta new version of prospective ricky lee neely

War games "armored storm" in September 14th beta new version of prospective novice card booking | armored storm area Sina game news August 31st news, the air network is open competitive gaming "armored storm" in September 14th is about to open beta, the former battlefield, half life production staff surgeon, before the "reverse war" sincerity production team. "Armored storm" the new beta version of the modification and optimization of all aspects, and will launch a new map and two crucial contents of the mode of annihilation. "Armored storm" the test time for the September 14th to 27, the first day of service for the service from 16:00 p.m. to 22:00, the rest of the time is 14:00 PM to 22:00 pm. The new map of the modern battlefield history from the end of World War II to today, 70 years of age, although large-scale war was not staged again, while the local armed conflicts occur every day in almost every corner of the world. In the context of the historical facts of this period, the six maps are based on a real battle. From the tropical island near the equator of the "Bay of pigs" contest, to Siberia the most cold "the MIA Kang" pipeline debate, "armored storm" battlefield across the world. "Armored storm" map — Tbilisi suburb of Tbilisi real "armored storm" of each map building are used a lot of art resources from different scene illumination, to the surface of the water ripples, trees to texture, then to the details of the building, let everyone enjoy different style of the world and the. Of course, the characteristics of each map is not only to let everyone get a visual enjoyment, more in different maps corresponding to the different tactics and strategies. Some map open terrain, suitable for group assault; some map bunkers and complex terrain, suitable for "guns" surprise play. Each map suitable for the strategy, but also the players in the game to find the answer. Island Map – complex terrain surrounded by the sea, the bay of pigs "tree re adjust open to the glory of LV7 testing," armored storm "most game player attention tech tree adjustment. First of all, the technology tree open to LV7, T-90, 2A4, M1A1HA of the leopard now also active in the international arena of military battle tanks and armored vehicles were first fully equipped for, waiting for your master. Secondly, the armored storm unique assembly car route and the first release of the gold car. Different from other types of games with pure experience "add" play, "armored storm" original "assembled" gameplay, assembled those mysterious tanks you love lost, drawing on the battlefield search technology, the tree more rich and colorful. The symbol of modern American army M1A1HA beta assembled cars "weasel 1A2" new guidance and UI operation more accessible "armored storm" in addition to the tech tree, Glory online map such a big adjustment, in the details of a new polish. The new guidance function for the game player answering problem-solving first contact of the game, the game from the operation to the tech tree to six class carrier.相关的主题文章: