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Sports-and-Recreation Holidays in Morocco have been taking on a sporty theme recently with many tourists heading to the sea for some extreme watersports. Amongst them, windsurfing in Morocco has proved to be particularly popular. There are a number of watersports available to holidaymakers in Morocco including kitesurfing, surfing and of course windsurfing. Kitesurfing is the currently darling of extreme watersport enthusiasts but windsurfing has been around for a long time and still attracts plenty of newcomers. A Number of Beaches to Choose From In Morocco, interested tourists will find that the conditions around the north coast in Essaouira are ideal for windsurfing. Although you will be sharing water space with like-minded surfers and windsurfers, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Safi Beach is one of the most popular and its conditions are ideal for beginners and experienced windsurfers alike. Further along the northern coastline is La Grotto, or as it is known, The Cave. Here there are large waves for more extreme windsurfing. It is where you will find regulars from the area proving their ability on the surf. Alternatively there is Sidi Kaouki, which is a long stretch of beach often populated by holidaymakers in their wetsuits and clutching their surfboards. A Windsurfers Paradise The area of Essaouira itself is becoming a hot-bed for watersport enthusiasts with a community of cafes, bars and even shops catering to these needs. It means that when you are not in the water or on the beach, you can still get a taste of the windsurfing culture. There is plenty of accommodation in the area too, so enjoying a windsurfing holiday in Morocco is easier. Failing that, it is easy to travel to the area and with plenty of places providing equipment and lessons for those newcomers you can still make the most of your watersports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: