What are the criteria for a new generation of games mp7a1

Referendum on a new generation of games which should meet the requirements of the game notebook market status quo IT digital products development is not difficult to find, the market will usher in saturation after the rapid growth. For example, the industry from the beginning of 2010 the rise of the tablet computer, after three years of rapid growth, now the entire tablet market has been in a crash situation, small brands have died, apple, Samsung and Lenovo and other big brands are no longer expected to make money through the flat product line. In fact, from the beginning of the game, the market is also experiencing a period of rapid growth after saturation. However, although the overall market environment is not as good as the previous two years, but from the product point of view, the game in 2015 this market is still a lot of new products quite interesting. For example, for the first time using desktop processor of the Shenzhou ares GX9 series, such as the first use of desktop GTX980 alone was MSI GT72S, for example, the launch of the first half of the first water cooling notebook ASUS GX700, which provides a new way for the future development of the game industry. However, I want to say is that although these products enough to attract attention, but this is obviously a little far away from the general public, so in fact, the whole market level, will not bring much profit for the manufacturers. So now the game the market is holding both dragons and fishes jumbled together, the entry-level graphics card and ultra low price here the circle, there are also various aspects to achieve the ultimate embodiment of strength, there are rules to update to sell products. So for this game, although some saturation but still very large market, you can see each vendor is a mind. But what are the qualities that the vast majority of consumers want for the next generation of games? See the next generation of the game how to build for PC manufacturers from the data, that is now the whole PC hardware market rare money business gaming notebook, also know as much as possible to eliminate the importance of homogenization, but not necessarily personal independence of conduct consumers will pay, after all, the gaming is a partial tool of equipment, personal independence of conduct means a high price, the high price of the product is obviously not the mainstream market to digest, can not scale for PC manufacturers is not a good business. As is known to all, PC manufacturers will be based on iterative fast update development technology, material upstream chip technology, so for ordinary consumers, how do they look for gaming notebook? For PC vendors, the next generation of the game should meet what kind of conditions? Public opinion for the game in the notebook which do you think in a game would say the most important "option, 52.14% of users chose the game performance, and cool appearance options is only 5%, the game may not be visible with too personalized appearance; in the display card related options (non there are 50% options), single users choose GTX960M, 42.86% of users choose GTX970M, 39.29% of users chose GTX1070, while the high-end alone purchase percentage reached 82.15%, but.相关的主题文章: