What Are The Differences Between The Iso 9001 2008 And Iso 9001 2000 Standard-diying

Sales-Management The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 9001 is a group of explicit standards that relate specifically to the quality management systems of a company or business. These standards have been around since 1987 (then referred to as ISO 9000), but it has been changed and updated several times over the years as the times and manners under which companies operated changed. One of the most recent changes occurred in 2008 when the ISO 9001 policy was changed from the formula that had been in place since the year 2000. While these changes may not be large, it is important to make sure that you fully understand them so that you can be completely up to date on your ISO accreditation. While there were not any major changes that occurred in this latest update of the requirements, to clarify your policy and standards you will want to brush up on these changes and ensure that your company is still operating efficiently and in a manner that will endure the operation of your company continues to run according to the ISO policy standards. The good thing to know is that the changes to the ISO 9001 standards did not do a complete overhaul to the system, but rather it made small distinctions that are intended to clarify the requirements that were already in place. One of the primary reasons that the latest edition of the ISO 9001 was released was to be able to provide further clarification of the standards that were already in place by simplifying the language and providing better definitions of terms. This was done to make sure that those businesses that were looking for accreditation would be better able to achieve this status because of the ability to understand the laws. Another reason that the standards were changes was so that they would be more compatible with the ISO 14001 . These standards are a part of the environmental management systems (EMS) policies and procedures that many businesses are adopting to help their businesses become more environmentally friendly. To do this there are some changes about the records of raw materials and products that are being used and processed by your business. This will give businesses a better capability of dealing with problems and consumer complaints about specific pieces of product information. This might also mean that you will need to incorporate information about product testing to help meet design and regulatory requirements. Overall, it is important to remember that there are not any major changes in the new 2008 version of the ISO 9001. Even though you will still need to go through and double check all of your management systems and policies to make sure that they are able to comply with these new standards. If you are already accredited by the 2000 standards, then your certificate will most likely translate over to this new version with either no revisions or only minimal changes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: