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Marriage-Wedding Wedding planners are usually entrepreneurs who start their own business because they are naturally organized and like interacting with people. They are not required to have a degree but some choose to attend college to round out their education. So what kinds of courses do wedding planners take? Or better yet, what kinds of courses, could they benefit from most? Business "" Wedding planners can benefit from Sales, Economics, Finance, Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Operations Research, and Statistics. Courses might also include Problem Solving, Communication, and Group/Team Behavior. Any business course that will give them practical hands-on experience will add to their credentials as a wedding planner. Hospitality and Tourism "" Because the reception is typically one half of the cost of the entire wedding, wedding planners need as much expertise in this field as possible. Their courses may include Hospitality and Tourism Management, Food Service, Hotel Operations, Hospitality Technology and Law, Purchasing, Cost Controls, and Financial Management. If they want an even broader range of knowledge, they might also include Catering Operations, Advanced Lodging, and Entertainment Management. Human psychology "" Weddings are a symbol of two people blending their lives into a new life together. And that impacts not only themselves but their families, friends, and work relationships. The psychology of behavior has a huge impact on the details of the wedding as well as the reception. Wedding planners can greatly benefit from courses in Personality, Social Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Motivation, Community Psychology, and Marriage and the Family. While the courses listed above might be a major part of their education, wedding planners may also choose to round out their education using internships with successful wedding planner agencies or hotels that offer on-site guest services. Many wedding planners opt for certification rather than college coursework, as it is specifically targeted at areas they will be focusing on. If wedding planners choose to study courses in a college setting that would prepare them for this field, they will be well-equipped to handle any situation that might come up while planning a wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: