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What is the book for the beginning of the children read picture books? Long hair point – Sohu maternal mother Carol focus on more than 1 thousand and 200 picture books, children’s songs to listen to audio free recently many mothers in question, the children started to contact English books, should read what books? According to the experience of the beginning of contact with the baby picture rhythm, picture books attract more interactive, content and style of the main. No matter how your child age, interest, these many mothers experience summed up by picture books, worth a look. 01 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I recommend index: you can feel you can feel almost all the experience enlightenment mothers would recommend this book for beginners mother. Why? The sentence repetition rate is high, the image of the animal is lovely, beautiful colors, catchy soundtrack choice, baby love..! Recommendation: Vito children born with animals have a sense of intimacy. Simple sentence patterns, high repetition rate, color words are easy to master the child. Recommendation: 2981147944 either read or sing will attract children. In a simple sentence, children can also learn about color and animals. The book is also rich in the imagination of children, many of the animal’s color and usually see is not the same, but in the world of children, such animals will make them think a lot. – Recommended: my den love catchy, each study can be extended to the classic book, only love and not refuse a good book ~ can also sing a verse rhyme feeling ~ — recommended: 02 From Head To Toe seedlings hemp recommended index: you can feel, you can feel this is a let the baby can not help but move the picture. This is not the most simple, but definitely the most interactive one. The exclusion of beginner’s English will weaken in the fun game interaction. So many different animal movements, different parts of the body, will stimulate the child’s innocence. – Recommended: green tea Qingxin this book than to read, as it is used to play, improve the baby perception of the body in the game, as well as observation ability and reaction ability. – Recommended: 03 Five Little Monkeys Jumping happy life on the Bed recommended index: you can feel, you can feel the children especially love to jump on the bed, and this is their intention for parent-child interaction with the songs and sing along! Recommendation: Fujian Xiao Xiao is very suitable for role-playing! Until now there is little on the bed often jump, before going to bed every day, remember to say "hello" shadow on the wall, then jump a jump, and then go to bed ~ simple repetition, rhyme language sentence, playful, and the whole sentence dynamic. – -!相关的主题文章: