What should I do A friend to help himself in gambling Shuangseqiu 7 million 740 thousand Award 97179

What should I do? A friend to help himself in gambling Shuangseqiu 7 million 740 thousand award according to the Shenzhen welfare lottery center official website reported, "the double chromosphere" 2016084th lottery, first prize more than 7 million 740 thousand yuan off betting in Yantai District of Muping City Road, No. 37065207th East Street winery Dongguan station, a lucky lottery machine selection won a current prize, which is in the Yantai this year first, the province’s only current color ball award. Last week, the winner coming against the welfare lottery center, low-key receive 7 million 740 thousand yuan prize. The winner of the lottery claiming to have ten years of experience, love to buy "double chromosphere", almost does not fall on the period. When he bought the lottery, no research on the number, each time the machine is selected a few notes. This day, he as usual, buy a few note color ball lottery, looking forward to Thursday. August 21st is the "double chromosphere" lottery day, friends have tied up, ask him to help also take several note lottery; so, he in the lottery to help a friend, he also spent 10 yuan machine selection 5 note color ball number. That night after the lottery, he is not the first time to check the lottery information. Second days to open the phone on the Internet number, he found himself in the first prize, and then look at the bonus, actually have 7 million 740 thousand yuan. It is no need to bother, no brainer pick machine actually won first prize, let him play with "double chromosphere" charm: Fucai gave such a big package, the car loan mortgage do not have to worry about.相关的主题文章: