Why do I say my war is a pig googims

Why do I say "my war" is a pig? [Abstract] after years of "propaganda of victory", as well as decades of peaceful environment, the Chinese people have a misunderstanding of the war, that is, pay more attention to the results, rather than pay attention to the process. If you forget the brutality of war and bloody war, it is too flat, neglected the martyrs of the pay. Author: Li Yan recently, "my war" has caused a great disturbance in the online publicity. A group of old people travel to South Korea, jubilant with guide explains that his youth came to Seoul (then called Seoul), in which left all kinds of wonderful memories, "open armored car, waving a red flag in Seoul". Arguably, this is a common marketing strategy: in the film, first with the publicity preheating, let the audience to understand the film, and viewing interest, finally to seduce the audience buying into the theater effect. However, my war propaganda film is really when a pig teammates, not only did not help the film publicity, but also pulled the hind legs, so that the parties are not satisfied: the Chinese people see the awkward, foreigners will not be comfortable to see. First, from the film production team, "my war" is a standard piece of anti war, not war film war in time of peace, is not to advocate war, but through the description of war to achieve the purpose of anti war. "My war" this film, the background of the Korean War, if you want to fight the war through the film, it should be done so that China, South Korea, North Korea can be accepted, at least not objectionable. And this film is to make several parties are uncomfortable. If you take a look at my war, the production side and the performance of the staff table, anti war means more obvious. The film is produced by the China Film Corporation, China Film Corporation, chairman of La Pui as the film producer, but also in all seven produced in the first place, means is the main investor. If LA Pui unfamiliar names, that his predecessor Sanping Han is more known for: he is not only a great reputation of the film and television industry heavyweights, or "Republic", "two Beginning of The Great Revival tribute film director. So from the point of view of the producer and the subject matter, "my war" worthy of the above two tied into a trilogy. And then look at the staff table. Director Peng Shun is the people of Hongkong, the main actors in Taiwan popular niche Tony Yang, this is obviously a cobble together on both sides of the three reunion. What’s more, the film’s original novel called "Reunion", Ba Jin went to the Korean battlefield experience life after the creation of the novel. As the screenwriter, is a famous writer, screenwriter Liu Heng, he has a heavy identity, is the chairman of the Beijing writers association. Such a political Cengcengbaguan, personnel collocation to take care of the two sides of the three reunion, adapted from a film called "Reunion" of the film, even the release date were selected in September 15th, avoid leaning to either side! Autumn! Section! On the value of peace, against war, a few characters in the name of the film. Unfortunately, the film cast fee so much effort to create the theme of war and peace, is completely to the promo mix. Two, let the Koreans awkward: during the war, China and South Korea is the opponent, valiantly dash to Seoul tourism was set to let the Koreans think about. ",.相关的主题文章: