Why don’t you ask me why I’m not at home Because the roof of the hotel makes me want to travel – Soh-pppd-175

Why don’t you ask me why I’m not at home? Because the roof of the hotel let me linger – Sohu is an outdoor summer tourist season, and in the hotel on the roof of the United States with a cup of cocktail watch the sunset is really the best way to spend the evening time. Of course, every city has a favorable view of the magnificent landscape can be seen, but not out of the hotel, as long as they can get up on the roof you want atmosphere, scenery and cocktails, Why not?? Today this will give you 9 will go to the United Inn rooftop bar. The design of The Standard Hotel High hotel in New York, this stylish Line by Andre · balaz design bar, west facing, occupy the commanding heights of the roof of the hotel, is the best place to watch the sunset. The hotel in the Meatpacking District, penthouse and rooftop bars can be great views of Manhattan and the Hudson river. On the roof, there is a small pool and everywhere filled crepes "turf". Chicago Chicago Athletic Association Hotel Athletic Association Hotel here was a private men’s club, and now, a converted 1890s Gothic architecture is a hotel and a rooftop restaurant bar is located. You can see the scenery of Michigan lake, Millennium Park and Chicago art institute. The drinks and dishes here are very special, whether herbal tea or cocktail can make you tired day to relax. You may want to try the whole menu, but I recommend that you try to use a blend of brandy, gin, cream and cherry. You’ll love the city while enjoying the roof. Hotel Nino Dallas NYLO Hotel NYLO in the South The Inn Boutique on the roof, there is a boundless, and the city of Dallas beautiful night. It’s a good choice to have a "summer cottage" cocktail in a modern, neon lit bar. Hotel Erwin Losangeles Hotel Erwin Losangeles has numerous rooftop bars. If you want to see the skyscrapers of Losangeles city and the historic buildings of the city, the standard hotel and Ace Hotel in the center of the city is a good choice. But if you want to watch the Pacific and palm trees, you must choose the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach. Here is a typical southern California experience, sitting on the roof of the sun, the distance is the ferris wheel of St. Monica pier, plus sunglasses and sunscreen is perfect. San Francisco Marriott Marquis The View Lounge at 4500 square feet of this newly renovated the Marriott Marquis SoMa bar is located in the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel 39 floor, the dome of the landing!相关的主题文章: