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Why don’t you look at the market to see the mayor? Sichuan channel, the mayor of the people’s Republic, can not be dislocated, nor can it be absent. To give more decision-making power market, less the "head", some guidance and service on somewhere in the west before the interview, two informative set people thinking: new intelligent greenhouse yellow, Chen regret penhold thigh. Originally, the local vegetable market was built a few years ago, and the leaders found him out of business. "High input and high return of modern agriculture, no boss like you."." It is Syria nostalgia, and give policy, boss Chen couldn’t help to return home, 10 million yuan of financial subsidies, old Chen investment of nearly 20 million yuan, the steel shed built up, good order no, visitors are not many, a photoelectric fee of about 300000 yuan, do not hold under greenhouse go, go. In the next county, the government dominates the grape industry, leading large households, giving subsidies, promoting circulation, and developing tens of thousands of Mu bases in just a few years. But the local soil climate has no advantage, low yield, varieties and single, Turpan grapes shipped to the local catty to sell more than two pieces, and the cost of local grapes will be three dollars, the results can be imagined. "How to force two hands" is a problem that agricultural development cannot be separated from. Despite the fact that the mayor is not looking at the market, it has been criticized, but in reality, there are still many projects for the mayor. Because the mayor has policy, resources, where to spend money, support what industry, administrative order more powerful. It is this kind of "power inertia", in some places, a leadership of a map, you build acres of orchards, I do one hundred thousand acres base, behind the motivation is mostly political impulse. In the long run, it may distort the market signal, let some enterprises rely on preferential policies, find the mayor, do the market reluctantly, similar "sad food", "base apple" event frequently, eventually, enterprises and farmers are injured. In fact, agriculture is a slow type of typical industry, relatively low efficiency, long payback period. To cultivate a mature agricultural industry, it is necessary to have a brand name, to open up the market, a large number of farmers to participate, it takes 35 years, more than 10 years, or even longer. By the government is not quick, not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, must respect the law of development of agriculture and the laws of the market. This is also destined to invest in agriculture not overnight, there must be a long-term vision, loneliness, if not do their homework in the industry, only a set of projects, rushed to engage in speculative, often they will be stuck. Today, the market environment for agricultural products has changed. "Difficult to buy" and "sell difficult" coexist, the demand is more diverse and diverse. At present, to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, the market demand should be used as "navigation light" to optimize the structure and product structure of agricultural production, and to enhance the adaptability and flexibility of the supply of agricultural products. By whom? We have to rely on new market players. There are more than 153 farmers specialized cooperatives, more than 100 million farmers, leading enterprises more than 120 thousand, for the market pulse, these new business entities must feel more sensitive, more effective decision-making. In the end, what kind of large scale suitable, it is better to return more decision-making power to the market, so that the new business entities and farmers say. Agriculture belongs to)

为啥不看市场看“市长”?–四川频道–人民网   “市长”之手不能错位,也不能缺位。要把更多决策权还给市场,少一些“拍脑袋”,多一些引导和服务      日前在西部某地采访,两则见闻发人深省:   新建的智能温室大棚黄了,陈老板后悔得直拍大腿。原来,前些年当地打造蔬菜大市,领导找到在外经商的他,“现代农业高投入、高回报,没有你们这样的老板不行。”又是叙乡情,又是给政策,陈老板禁不住劝回到家乡,财政补贴1000万元,老陈投了近2000万元,钢架大棚建了起来,可说好的订单没了,观光的游客也不多,一年光电费就30多万元,大棚撑不下去,只好关门。   在隔壁县,政府主导上葡萄产业,引大户、给补贴、促流转,短短几年就发展上万亩基地。可当地土壤气候没优势,单产低,品种又单一,吐鲁番葡萄运到当地每斤才卖两块多,而本地葡萄成本就要三块钱,结果可想而知。   “两只手如何发力”,是农业发展绕不开的课题。尽管“不看市场看市长”一直被诟病,但现实中,“市长”说了算的项目还是不少。因为,“市长”手里有政策、有资源,钱往哪里花,扶持什么产业,行政命令更强势。正是这样的“权力惯性”,有的地方一任领导一张图,你建万亩果园,我搞十万亩基地,背后的动因多是政绩冲动。长此以往,可能会扭曲市场信号,让一些企业习惯依赖政策优惠,找市长内行,做市场勉强,类似“伤心菜”“贱苹果”事件频发,最终企业、农民都受伤。   事实上,农业是典型的慢热型产业,比较效益低,回报周期长。培育一个成熟的农业产业,要有叫得响的品牌,要开拓市场,有广大农民参与,需要三五年、十多年,甚至更长时间。靠政府拔苗助长不行,急功近利也不行,必须尊重农业发展规律和市场规律。这也注定投资农业不会一夜暴富,必须有长远眼光,耐得住寂寞,如果不在产业上做足功课,仅仅冲着套项目、搞投机,往往自己会被套牢。   如今,农产品市场环境变了。“买难”与“卖难”并存,需求更加多元、多样。当前推进农业供给侧结构性改革,要以市场需求作为“导航灯”,调优农业生产结构和产品结构,增强农产品供给的适应性和灵活性。靠谁实现?还得靠新型市场主体。全国153万家农民专业合作社,入社农民超过1亿户,龙头企业12万多家,对于市场脉搏,这些新型经营主体肯定感觉更灵敏、决策更有效。到底该种什么,多大规模合适,不妨把更多决策权还给市场,真正让新型经营主体和农民说了算。   农业属于弱质产业,“市长”之手不能错位,也不能缺位,要有“功成不必在我”的境界,加大扶持,加快农业制度创新,营造更加宽松的市场环境。当前重点是发挥好政策“指挥棒”的作用,让产业政策、金融政策联动起来,解决农业资源要素的错配扭曲问题,形成支持有力、保障有效的政策体系。健全与转方式调结构相适应的扶持措施,完善农产品价格形成机制和利益联结机制,从田间到餐桌,提升农业供给链效益,提升农业产业核心竞争力。权力要“瘦身”,服务要“健身”,加强产业发展信息指导,强化农产品市场预警,推广农业保险,让好产品卖出好价钱,让从事农业的企业和农民分享更多收益。   农业生产对接千变万化大市场,关键还是“市长”做好角色转换,少一些“拍脑袋”,多一些引导和服务,让企业和农民多看市场,少找市长。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月23日 09 版) (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: