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UnCategorized Owning a vacation home is fast fading from the picture. Since the concept of timesharing was hatched, more and more people have discovered that there is a better and more affordable way of vacationing, without having to shell out hard earned, precious dollars. Through a timeshare, families are beginning to enjoy time off from daily pressures, minus the worries. The practice of timesharing, which originated in Europe, emerged due to high taxes and the high costs associated with maintaining a vacation home that is used only once every year. It was already a decade old European custom when it crossed over to the US in the seventies. When it reached the American shores, timesharing took the form of one week vacations in condominiums and resorts. As timesharing spread, more and more people discovered that it holds numerous benefits for their families. With recent research revealing that typical American families spend over $5,000 for regular holidays, the idea of timeshares has grown more appealing as it offers cost-saving features. While many families deal with expensive vacations by turning to their credit cards, the solution is hardly an excellent one. This is because many families spend a number of years paying for a one week vacation. The dilemma has prompted people to resort to buying timeshares. In essence, a timeshare is a vacation condo that families can stay in for a specific period of time every year. Many families have opted for this alternative because of the many features it provides and the savings it offers. A recent report showing how families perceive timeshares has revealed that they had spent an average $17,620 in 2006 just to buy timeshares good for one week. Here are the most .mon reasons why more and more families find timeshares a lot more advantageous over owning a vacation property and spending a fortune to maintain it: Timeshares are affordable. Many consumers, specifically former vacation home owners and would-be second home investors, are able to buy timeshares at a fraction of the expenses they incur when buying a vacation home. Contrary to purchasing a property, timeshares do not require a mortgage and no money is hooked up to one huge investment. With timeshares, owners do not have to constantly worry about the vacation property they will not be seeing for the bigger part of the year. Likewise, they are not subjected to fretting over the maintenance charges normally related to vacation homes. Plus, when they check out of their timeshares, there will not be a need for them to worry about tenancy issues. Maintenance fees for timeshares are affordable. Families who have second homes are .pelled to deal with maintenance expenses such as insurance on the property, maintenance of grounds and premises, personnel and other operating costs associated with it. These and many other benefits are inducing more and more families to invest in timeshares. Moreover, the practice provides flexibility and a wide option of vacation locations and experience, thereby encouraging a growing number of families to opt for a less hassle-free way of going on vacation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: