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Wireless headset airpods, Apple’s wireless charging will be far? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] iPhone 7 science news conference, apple canceled 3.5 mm interface, and launched the first wireless headset AirPods. In this conference, Apple has also been suggested that the public, wireless is the mainstream of the future. Thus, after the wireless headset, apple and wireless charging. Recently, foreign media reports, the Hon Hai Group is developing a wireless charging module for a new generation of apple iPhone, 2017 new iPhone will use wireless charging technology, good product rate is the key to the final test of Hon hai. Wireless charging refers to the use of near field sensing technology (inductance) charging mode of equipment, it overcomes the disadvantages of wired charging: "intelligent mobile phone using Qualcomm wireless charging charging scheme (Source: Tencent of science and Technology) of course, at this stage, and the high cost of wireless charging, wireless charging equipment consume higher disadvantage. But as the mobile phone to replace WiFi instead of fixed, fixed network, wireless with convenient use, and easy to popularize the advantage, will eventually replace the cable. So, AirPods, Apple’s wireless charging will be far? For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: Apple’s official website)相关的主题文章: