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Xi Jinping series of important speech on the Internet – the Sohu technology            , a profound understanding of the Internet:         1, in today’s era, a new round of technological revolution with information technology as the core is Yun Yuxing, the Internet has increasingly become a leading force for innovation driven development the profound changes in people’s production and life, promote social development. The Internet really let the world into a global village, let the international community become acommunity of fate. November 19, 2014 — Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to the world’s first   Internet Conference;       2, in today’s world, the progress of science and technology change rapidly, modern information technology, the Internet, cloud computing, big data and other profound changes in human thinking, production, life, learning style, shows the profound development of the world outlook. 05 2015 – 24 August Xi Jinping International Education Information Conference letter         3, the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of twentieth Century, has brought great changes to people’s life and production, innovation and development of many fields plays a leading role. The development of the Internet brings historical opportunities to all walks of life. December 16, 2015 — Xi Jinping in Zhejiang province Wuzhen to inspect the "Internet light" Expo stressed         4, on the whole, net business represents the new development direction of new productive forces, should also be able to carry out the new concept of development in the first step. China’s economic development has entered a new norm, the new normal to have a new power, the Internet can accomplish a great deal in this regard. The Internet and the real economy should focus on promoting the depth of integration and development, flow driven technology flow, capital flow, personnel flow, material flow with information, promote and optimize the allocation of resources, promote TFP, adjust the economic structure to play a positive role in promoting innovation and development, change the mode of economic development. April 19, 2016 — Xi Jinping delivered an important speech in   network and information security work of the Forum;       5, change rapidly in today’s world, the network information technology, fully integrated into the social life, profound changes in the pattern of global economic security pattern, interest pattern. The world’s major countries have the Internet as the focus of economic development, technological innovation, the Internet as a strategic direction to seek new competitive advantage. Network information technology is the world’s most concentrated R & D investment, innovation is the most active, the most widely used, the most important role in the field of radiation technology innovation, is a global technology innovation competition heights. The acceleration of the world economy to the economic activities of the network information technology industry. We want to seize this historic opportunity to develop new momentum of information technology, with new momentum to promote new development. Xi Jinping in October 9, 2016, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the thirty-sixth collective learning相关的主题文章: