Xi’an 512 Road, 521 road and other small bus lines to adjust the direction of the 7 (video)-pgd-426

Xi’an 512 Road, 521 Road, 7 bus lines to adjust the small city Transportation Bureau: your bureau "on the change 512 road and 7 bus lines fare letter" (pay letter 2016 No. 158) has been received, after study, the relevant issues shall be approved and inform the ticket system are as follows: 1. 512 Road, 521 Road, 530 Road, 504 Road, 511 Road, 510 Road, 523 Road, 7 lines of adjustment, the implementation of agreed fare Wu Jiao starts, Wu Jiao carry, the top three station five angle ticket every four carry station". See the specific price ladder table. Two, the fare must be in a prominent position in the bus, posted by the Xi’an Municipal Price Bureau Price supervision and Inspection Bureau producer price fare table, accept the supervision department and the society. Three, 512 Road, such as the 7 bus lines from the date of the implementation of the bill. Accessories: 1.512 Road, 7 bus line adjustment after route 2.512 Road 7 lines of adjusted fare table Xi’an Bureau in October 14, 2016 512 road and 7 bus lines, 512 lines to adjust after a road route by eight feet after the adjustment of hotel technology four road line to shrink by six, new start a technology road, Feng Hui Nan Lu Road, high road, science and technology, labor Road, friendship road, Han Guang road, north of Posts and telecommunications, Hongying Road, ring road, Xianning Road, Xingqing Road, Changle Road Road, Wan Huaqing Road train station. Two, 521 road alignments adjusted by the Qin afanggong grid, the Red Road, Feng Haolu, Fengdeng, unity Road, labor Road, Fung Hing Road, Taibai Road, friendship road, Changan Road, Xiao Zhai Road, xiyinglu Zhiyan Xiang junction, to adjust the Science Park of Yan Cheung road. Route by Fengcheng road twelve West Road 530, three companies start after adjustment, the original line to Fangwei road the Fang Jian Road east side, a road built by spinning Road, spinning spinning street to restore the original line to the spinning road five. Four, 504 road alignments adjusted by Qujiang Nanhu scheduling station, Qujiang South Road, five road, Yannan pool Miao Po Tau Road, four road, Yan Yannan Road, Changan Road, Xiaozhaizigou West, Han Guang road, friendship road, ring road, Taibai Road, West Street, labor Road, Daqing road and the West Second Ring Road, Tai Hing Road to Dengjia village. Five, 511 road alignments adjusted by poplar adjusted to Liyuan Road and the international departure, the Pear Garden Road, large Poplar Road, Daxing Road, Spark Road, North Road, Weiyang Road, dragon road, North Street, North Shuncheng Road West eight (seven West Road), North Street, Jiefang Road, East five road, Changle Road, spinning street, spinning five road to the Textile City Garden area. Six, 510 road route west to the hospital after adjustment by the grid, the unity Road, Fengdeng, Feng Haolu, West Second Ring Road, Fenghe Road, Spark Road, Zhu Honglu and Fang Road, Wenjing road to the North Second Ring Road overpass, the North Second Ring Road, Hongqi Road, Tai Hua Yao Cun to water. Seven, 523 road alignments adjusted by port district public transport hub station, the original line to Beichen Road, Hongqi Road junction, the Hongqi Road, Tai Hua Road, the North Second Ring Road (Xuan Wulu), Weiyang Road, Fengcheng Road, new road, Wenjing road to the six bus companies in west. Note: video only for extended reading. Xi’an limit line on the first day of traffic相关的主题文章: