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Xi’an "black day" Terracotta Army "eyelid red lips" – Hainan Tourism Bureau responded people.com.cn window — people.com.cn Xi’an municipal government attaches great importance to intensify the crackdown on the train station to Lintong black car, black guide. City Tourism Bureau of the Palace of the Earth, Museum of the eight wonders of the world, scenic spots, banquet site Wang Camp attractions complaints investigation and recording, check the 3 scenic spots of A-level qualification. Will be severely punished for malignant problems, public exposure to the community, to ensure the safety and order of the tourism market in Xi’an. The previously reported "black day" at the Xi’an Tourism Bureau said no copycat wax China according to the voice of "news" reported that in October 6th, the reporter came to the famous tourist city of Xi’an, although all localities and departments have been to remind visitors and friends do not believe the informal tourism projects, however, our reporter saw at the XiAn Railway Station, the street soliciting black tour is banned repeatedly more than meet the eye everywhere. Why is this a black day tour? Simple to say a few details, you have seen the double fold red lips of the Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army? With the wax you have seen the Palace of the Earth? Visit the tomb of pharaoh Khufu in Xi’an can actually, you look reliable?   reporter inquiries found in Shaanxi travel, tour attractions, ironically, the eight wonders of the world and the Palace of the Earth Museum and the banquet site for the 3A level scenic spots, Wang Ying cannot check, add up all the ticket price should be around 310 dollars. Throughout the trip, in addition to the Terracotta Army attractions, visitors provided tickets, the rest are no tickets and no sign of any travel contract with tourists. Lintong Tourism Bureau, a staff member said: "they are the eight wonders of Palace of the Earth and private attractions, banquet should be 3A level scenic spots. I’m not too sure." In many tourist sites, visited a few scenic spots of the users, more than 90% of people believe that you see is the copycat sites, cheated, and Wang Ying sent advice, solution sign, buy high incense is always routine. In this connection, the reporter called the Xi’an Tourism Bureau complaints telephone consultation, the staff said the bad attitude, above all is the regular attractions, as long as the tour guide explains these attractions of the trip, not the Tourism Bureau on the tube, the problem for transportation. Tourism Bureau staff: I have not been to, I just told you that this is a regular attractions, I do not know if you go is not formal, I do not know what. Reporter: there are so many tourism activities in the regular car there, nor yours tube, mean this? Tourism Bureau staff: I just told you that the tourism bureau can not turn off the vehicle, you do not go around me, the tourism administration is the star scenic spots, tour guides, travel agencies. A train station in soliciting people say, only a day on weekdays, they can send the 20 bus from the tourist attractions of the situation, one day at least tens of thousands of people come to these places. The train station in the vicinity of the transportation management personnel said: they just couldn’t travel car, the "Hongmenyan, what Palace of the Earth has nothing, is a lie, you have to get a regular Terracotta Army, or you can not see what, specifically to cheat相关的主题文章: