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Yantai Xinfa AIDS over nine men become men spread into the hardest hit original title: Yantai new HIV infected MSM spread over nine men become the hardest hit in December 1st is the twenty-ninth World AIDS day". Cover news (thecover) reporter recently learned from the Yantai City CDC, in recent years, the annual number of newly discovered HIV infected persons in Yantai and the number of patients increased year by year, more than 90% of the male. Sexual transmission, in particular, is the main route of transmission of sexually transmitted men and women, the proportion of MSM infected with HIV accounted for more than 90% of the total number of male infections. Moreover, the number of young people infected with AIDS increased year by year, the city of Yantai in the past 10 years, every year will find new infections, the youngest is only 16 years old. The situation of young people infected with AIDS has become a major target of prevention and control of AIDS in recent years, the proportion of HIV infected students tend to rise, the school is not a pure land of aids. China CDC data show that in, the number of young people aged 15-24 found in the country showed a rapid growth trend, from 1023 cases in 2011 rose to 2011-2015 in 2015. Among them, mainly boys, more than 80% are infected by male homosexual sex. This fully shows that the situation of young people infected with AIDS is very grim, the student population has become the focus of AIDS prevention and control objectives." Disease control experts said. Cover the news from Shandong Province, Yantai City CDC was informed that the Yantai city in the past 10 years every year will find new student infection, report the cases of students most young is a 16 year old middle school, found that patients were HIV infections, and more than 90% same-sex sexual contact infection. CDC experts said that with the growing popularity of open ideas and information network, and induce its own curiosity and others, the self-control weak teenagers can not help but to try to experience, but they often lack of risk awareness, awareness, and some even think "there is no need for contraception, but not men" take protective measures, leading to HIV infection. Disease control experts suggest that the prevention of HIV infection must first Jieshenziai, to comply with sexual morality, followed by the correct use of condoms. The prevention of blood infection of HIV, on the one hand, do not share syringes intravenous drug users, on the other hand, avoid the use of non sterile equipment and other invasive human extract operation, to avoid the use of unsafe blood and blood products. Found that the treatment of HIV infection will benefit more disease control experts pointed out that many people have misunderstanding, think that AIDS is an incurable disease, once incurable infection. "This statement is not accurate, although it can not cure AIDS, but there have been very good treatment, that is, early scientific and standardized antiviral treatment. A large number of scientific research shows that early treatment can not only reduce opportunistic infection, improve the quality of life of infected persons, but also reduce the risk of transmission of AIDS, the protection of family and friends from infection, further blocking the spread of aids." Experts say. AIDS in our country.相关的主题文章: