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You can’t have it both ways? Lexus GS450h said the decision – Sohu car / automobile E electric park] if Sohu to those interested in the performance of enthusiasts about hybrid, believe they will sniff at, okay, I admit that people who have this idea is me, when I was young, I single dog…… Even if the Lexus GS450h has a 3.5L V6 engine, as much as possible to keep those veins of gasoline fans for large displacement naturally aspirated engine, the beginning of the heart, and the motor maximum power 147kW for them is like into chaos, let the performance becomes not pure. Easy 6 seconds into the club, only to see results although not stunning, but please don’t forget, it is not a pure performance oriented model; and at about 7L 100 km fuel consumption also is not a color, but please don’t forget, on the front of you are driven by a 3.5L V6 engine the rear wheel and the weight of nearly 1.9 tons. If these two scores together to see if it is a bit of fun, performance and fuel consumption has always been like a fish in general, but it did, all this is due to the motor into chaos, accelerated the process of trying to play with more responsibility and daily running so if you have any sense, and will reject it? Indeed, the hybrid in today is no longer the eye popping technology, however, between me and the Lexus GS450h really a few days after the contact, I still could not help but ask myself "now I have family responsibilities, really should consider?" A minute to know Lexus GS450h as a mid facelift models, family iconic spindle grille and sharp unique split headlights of the upper body, not only the new Lexus GS completed a unified family style appearance, make known to the movement of GS cars more deserved. The Lexus GS450h in appearance with the new GS car difference is not large, on behalf of a hybrid LOGO blue led the whole car logo has become the best way to identify it. You have to mention Lexus, said the brand of "originality" spirit, for many years the domestic, no longer makes it become the domestic luxury brand in the silt but don’t dye alone ". In addition, whenever I open the door, sitting inside the skin and bamboo to create an internal atmosphere, there will be a kind of return to "Wuyuan" immersive. To tell the truth, for so many years, can directly and accurately convey the brand characteristics in the interior of the car is not much, this is the first generation of Mercedes Benz S class to create a sense of luxury in the current year, I think the second is we said today that Lexus GS. On a certain space, is the largest short board Lexus GS cars, leaving aside the BMW 5 series Li or Audi A6L the same level of lengthening the opponent, even compared to the Jaguar XF or Cadillac CTS the same as the imported without相关的主题文章: