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Zhujiang artillery battalion night training to capture the long time open tears – Sohu more than military channel the wind like a knife, blowing into ice. During the Spring Festival, the reporter walked into the training ground in Xinjiang division stationed in Kunlun at the foot of the mountain, known as the "plateau crack". Fire smoke, the soldiers take practical action to carry out the reform of the military mission and responsibility, show in the station, into jingqishen. Reporters all match record many moving scenes. As long as in uniform, the station responsible attitude is not a moment to relax a confrontation exercise started, and pointing to quickly enter the combat division leader said: "we had experienced 6 reorganization, 3 large-scale facelift, 4 redsg, but each change of adjustment, the soldiers committed to winning the heart, always go with the Party’s soul has never changed." Chariot roar, the reporter boarded the communication command car, four sergeant Zhao Tianrui is staring at the transmission node debugging action. "Very cold, electromagnetic interference opponent can not ‘freeze’, a little sloppy." Speaking, Zhao Tianrui painted a layer of antifreeze oil for the equipment. "Regardless of the walk, as long as the uniforms worn on the body, to fight for." Talking about the reform, Zhao Tianrui seemed very calm. Just a few days ago, the veteran also for a training problem, bold use of new methods to explore solutions. "Like Zhao Tianrui, in the face of reform, still remain in power, the whole army of officers and men on the business is too numerous to enumerate." The division leader told reporters, open up all kinds of communication equipment data chain is a difficult problem, this year before winter training, a teacher leadership volunteered as the research team leader, organize the business sector set of intellectual research, after 1 months of unremitting struggle, research team finally achieved a breakthrough in technology, realizes the real-time transmission of instant message and instruction situation and the accurate reporting of results. "On improving the combat effectiveness of the armed forces is the primary and the biggest support for reform." This is what the leading teacher said. No matter where the reform goes, the ability to fight the war can not stop the vast desert, a chariot is running against the wind, rolling up dust. "This is the four sergeant Liu Xingmao, testing and testing the limit running performance of a new tank, looking for room to increase combat effectiveness." Pointing to a road of smoke and dust, the regiment leader said, not long ago, Liu Xingmao driving the new tank, up and down 5 slopes, 7 trips across the glacier, the cumulative journey hundreds of kilometers, "today, he wanted to challenge the new limit."." Liu Xingmao is a man who loves challenges. Before the Spring Festival last year, in order to chew on a certain type of equipment the overrun shooting hoe, he continuous overtime, during the Spring Festival are riveting in the training field, finally realize the tank firing distance effectively improved, and to prepare the relevant training course and parameter table, promote the ability to significantly enhance the combat shooting team overrun. No matter which step the reform is carried out, the pace of fighting skills can not be stopped for a moment." In the face of reporters praise, Liu Xing Mao spoke of a period of history: 60 years ago, the division "Tibet even advance in food shortages, lack of clothing, short supply situation, with firm and indomitable fighting spirit, never yield in spite of reverses, the five-star red!

驻疆高炮营营长夜间练捕捉 长时间睁眼泪流不止-搜狐军事频道  寒风如刀,呵气成冰。春节期间,记者走进驻守在昆仑山脚下、素有“高原劲旅”之称的驻新疆某师演兵场。炮火硝烟中,官兵们以实际行动践行改革强军使命的责任与担当,展现在战位上,融入进精气神。记者一路观战,记录下几多动人场景。   只要军装在身,对战位负责的态度就一刻也不能松   一场对抗演练打响,师领导指着迅速进入战斗状态的官兵介绍说:“我们师曾经历6次精简整编、3次大规模换装、4次改变部队番号,但每次变革调整,官兵们矢志打赢的心、永跟党走的魂从未改变。”   战车轰鸣,记者登上通信指挥车,四级军士长赵天瑞正紧盯传输节点做着调试动作。“天寒地冻,对手的电磁干扰可没有‘冻住’,一点也马虎不得。”说话间,赵天瑞又为装备涂抹了一层防冻油。   “不论走留,只要军装穿在身,就要对战位负责。”谈起此次改革,赵天瑞显得很从容。就在前几天,这名老兵还针对某训练难题,大胆采用新方法,探索解决之道。   “像赵天瑞这样,面对改革依然保持定力,一心扑在业务上的官兵全师不胜枚举。”师领导告诉记者,打通各类通信设备的数据链是一个难点问题,今年冬训前,一名师领导主动请缨担任攻关小组组长,组织业务部门集智攻关,经过1个多月的不懈苦战,攻关小组终于取得技术突破,实现了指令即时传达、态势实时传输、战果战况准确上报。   “聚精会神提高部队战斗力,就是基层指战员对改革最大的支持。”这名师领导如是说。   不论改革进行到哪一步,锤炼打仗本领一刻也不能停   茫茫大漠,一辆战车正在逆风疾驰,卷起滚滚沙尘。   “这是四级军士长柳兴茂在测试检验某新型坦克的极限行驶性能,寻找装备战斗力的增幅空间。”指着一路烟尘,团领导介绍说,前不久,柳兴茂驾驶该新型坦克一口气上下5个山坡、趟过7条冰河,累计行程几百公里,“今天,他想挑战新的极限。”   柳兴茂是一个爱挑战的人。去年春节前,为了啃下某型装备超限射击技术这个硬骨头,他连续加班加点,春节期间都铆在训练场,最终实现该型坦克的射击距离有效提升,并编写相关训练教程和参数表,促进团队超限射击实战能力大幅提升。   “不论改革进行到哪一步,锤炼过硬打仗本领的脚步一刻也不能停。”面对记者点赞,柳兴茂说起了一段历史:60多年前,该师“进藏先遣连”在缺粮、缺衣、缺补给的情况下,凭着百折不挠、坚忍不拔的战斗精神,最终把五星红旗插上了藏北高原。   “前辈们创造的光辉历史是一面旗帜,也是官兵们矢志打赢的精神图腾。”师领导说,战争年代,革命先辈为了祖国和人民利益,敢于牺牲、迎难而上。今天,我们也必须把使命扛在肩上,不计个人得失,投身改革强军。   不管年龄是否到限、职务是否到坎,工作动力一分也不能减   行走在烽火演兵场,记者了解到,今年冬训,这个师即将达到最高服役年限的干部全部铆在战位,没有一人选择留营看家。他们发自肺腑的一句句“看我的”“跟我上”,成为激励士气的最强口号。   严寒条件下,某型高炮黑夜里捕捉空中目标难度大,某高炮营营长李朝阳带头站在月光下练捕捉与跟踪,总结经验方法。长时间睁眼常常使他泪流不止,但他用热毛巾敷一敷又坚持练习。   “你都达到最高服役年限了,还这么拼,图啥?”记者问李营长。   “改革面前,官兵难免有情绪波动,这个时候带兵人更要立起好样子,即使有一天离队,也要走得问心无愧、坦坦荡荡!”李营长说,自己绝不干人还没走,工作就没了动力的事,“我们师的前辈们在历次改革中都胸怀大局、服从大局,如果我面对改革‘六神不定’,不仅愧对先辈,更愧对这身戎装……”   采访归来,西北大地的新年氛围越来越浓,与这一片祥和相比,记者久久不能忘怀的是官兵们直面改革的火热情怀,是他们激荡在演兵场上的主旋律��“不改本色、不忘初衷,标准不降、干劲不减”!相关的主题文章: